Be creative and Wear Something Fun This Week

Do you wear the same safe clothes week after week? I dare you to step out of the box and Wear Something Fun this week! You might have to do a little shopping or maybe you need to dig deeper in your closet. Whatever the case may be, just do it.

I bought a new outfit this week. It was out of my comfort zone but I love it. It says fashion all the way. I got it at ModeAlise. You’ve heard me talk about this amazing boutique before. Sorry, right now it’s just in the Columbus area. They will also be opening a shoe store soon. I love this boutique because the clothes are unique. I don’t fill like I would run into anyone wearing the same outfit (it has happened to me at a wedding). Oh, course I looked better in the dress, Ha Ha! But, really how embarrassing. By the way, I don’t get a commission or get paid in any way, I just love her store.

Wear something fun

I will take more photos of this outfit later and post to Lively Joy Facebook page. My camera is packed away. It is so different and fun!


I wanted to share with you more of Margaret’s style. She is very fashion forward and has great taste. I hope these photos inspire you to wear something fun. Most of the outfits came from ModeAlise


Over 50 fashion

This picture doesn’t do this outfit justice! It looked amazing on. It is kinda like a skirt and pants in one.

This is my favorite! Love Love this dress. I have to find it. Also, Margaret’s shoulders look great in this dress. This one is from Saks.


How stylish are these pants? Don’t forget to check out the shoes, Oh my!


These pants were so fabulous! They were very slimming and wrinkle free, again ModeAlise! What would you do to make this outfit more fun?


Margaret looks great in this blue and black outfit. I like how she tied in the black lace with the black shoes a very slimming look.


I love the little pop of color with this fun black and white dress.


This is 1/2 of Margaret’s closet!

Are you going to Wear Something Fun this week? I would love to see the photos. You can share them on Lively Joys Facebook page.

Dare to be different!











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  1. Oh my that Margaret!!! I was swooning over nearly all her outfits. Especially the bare shoulder dress you like so much as well. And that black dress with the white trimming. And the shoes.. so much.! Margaret knows how to create a stunning outfit. Now I am curious about your dress as I cannot properly see it in that picture. Being in The Netherlands I am at a disadvantage where it concerns Mode Alise. Darned.

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