10 Skinny Jeans Outfit Ideas Anyone Can Wear

I love wearing skinny jeans especially in the fall and winter! The boots, jackets, coats, all of it. Check out these contemporary skinny jeans outfits anyone can wear.

Make skinny jeans more fashion-forward by wearing an oversized blazer

Two of my favorite things jeans and blazers. I have way too many jackets and blazers but I can wear a blazer with just about anything. Make sure you have at least two, one classic and one for fun!

Add some color

The color can be in the shoes, a jacket, handbag, or a colorfull shirt. Be creative.

Wear with some stylish booties or fun shoes

You can wear the same jeans a couple times a week by just mixing up the shoes that you wear with them.

pink jacket

Try adding a fun belt

I love this Gucci belt but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Try shopping at a second hand store for a couple of nice belts at a bargain price.

Wear a jacket or coat that stands out

This coat Rocks! Dress up or down your skinny jeans with a coat, jacket or the shoes. I like that she is wearing a white t-shirt to make it more casual. 

Wear them with over the knee boots

Skinny jeans work well with boots because the legs are tight. Buy a  pair in a cool color like the ones below

Modern style

What about skinning jeans you can workout in?

Athleta now has skinny jeans that you can work out in. I have three pair:) I have never worked out in them but they are comfortable. They look like any other pair except they are more flexible to move in. You have to get a pair. https://athleta.gap.com/

Going out for date night in skinny jeans

This is my favorite way to to wear skinny jeans. I love to dress them up. I usually wear heels or boots and a fun jacket, like Jlo.

Take a casual look

Wearing sneakers has been a popular look for the last couple of years. It’s not a look that I would wear too often however, I do have a pair of Tom’s slip on with dogs on them that I like to wear in the summer. (I will post a photo to Facebook:)

The amazing white skinny jeans

Last but not least are the incredable white jeans. Everyone needs a pair! They look good with almost everything. Have you ever wore white on white? Give it a try. 

Cheri style story

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Winter Looks That Everyone Can Wear!

Winter Looks That Everyone Can Wear!

I love fall fashion but this year we are going into the cold weather fast. So I want to share some winter looks that everyone can wear! The first three are from Sundance. I love their winter style. They have great coats and winter accessories. I like to wear color to brighten up the cold winter days.

What’s new for this winter? Coats that make a statement as well as faux fur, knee high and over the knee boots, oversize tops with jeans or leggings (make sure to cover the backside), and booties with a sweater dress.

From Sundance

I love this coat and the colorful hat and scarf. I think it might look good with a bright yellow top or a solid color scarf. What do you think?


From Sundance

Wear this and I bet you would get lots of compliments. It is fun and beautiful!


From Sundance

I love everything here, the leg warmers with the booties the jacket, the turtleneck, and the hat. I want it all. Even the background.



This is a great classic outfit. You can’t go wrong with an oversized top and boots.


How about a poncho and boots?


Another oversized top and jeans a winter look that everyone can wear and look good in!


I had to put this one in. What a great top! It will keep you warm and look stylish at the same time.

Do you have winter looks that everyone can wear? Would you wear any of the fashion above? I would wear all of them.

Share your looks on our facebook page Lively Joy.

Stay warm,