10 Skinny Jeans Outfit Ideas Anyone Can Wear

I love wearing skinny jeans especially in the fall and winter! The boots, jackets, coats, all of it. Check out these contemporary skinny jeans outfits anyone can wear.

Make skinny jeans more fashion-forward by wearing an oversized blazer

Two of my favorite things jeans and blazers. I have way too many jackets and blazers but I can wear a blazer with just about anything. Make sure you have at least two, one classic and one for fun!

Add some color

The color can be in the shoes, a jacket, handbag, or a colorfull shirt. Be creative.

Wear with some stylish booties or fun shoes

You can wear the same jeans a couple times a week by just mixing up the shoes that you wear with them.

pink jacket

Try adding a fun belt

I love this Gucci belt but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Try shopping at a second hand store for a couple of nice belts at a bargain price.

Wear a jacket or coat that stands out

This coat Rocks! Dress up or down your skinny jeans with a coat, jacket or the shoes. I like that she is wearing a white t-shirt to make it more casual. 

Wear them with over the knee boots

Skinny jeans work well with boots because the legs are tight. Buy a  pair in a cool color like the ones below

Modern style

What about skinning jeans you can workout in?

Athleta now has skinny jeans that you can work out in. I have three pair:) I have never worked out in them but they are comfortable. They look like any other pair except they are more flexible to move in. You have to get a pair. https://athleta.gap.com/

Going out for date night in skinny jeans

This is my favorite way to to wear skinny jeans. I love to dress them up. I usually wear heels or boots and a fun jacket, like Jlo.

Take a casual look

Wearing sneakers has been a popular look for the last couple of years. It’s not a look that I would wear too often however, I do have a pair of Tom’s slip on with dogs on them that I like to wear in the summer. (I will post a photo to Facebook:)

The amazing white skinny jeans

Last but not least are the incredable white jeans. Everyone needs a pair! They look good with almost everything. Have you ever wore white on white? Give it a try. 

Cheri style story

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Wear Neutrals and Stand Out

Want to know how to wear neutrals and stand out?

You don’t have to reach for a color to make a style statement. Warmer weather neutrals like tan, cream, blush and white are easy to wear. Here you will see what Crystall (over 30’s look) and Me, Sherry (over 50’s look) would wear. We will also include neutrals with jeans.

My (over 50’s) take on wearing neutrals


I love the all white look even though I also love lots of colors. The bright monochrome look can be a bit intimidating, so if you’re not ready to wear all white add some neutral colors with it like tan and cream. I also like this look with a jean jacket. If you feel like it’s just not enough add some accessorize, (shoes, handbags, or jewelry) with fun embellishments like feathers, beads, or print.


Blush is “in” this year! You can add this color with shoes, a skirt, pants, a bag and mix it with denim or white. Don’t forget to add other light hues like blue, greens, Carmel, and tans.

Wear Neutrals Wear Neutrals pink topWear Neutrals


Try a pair of neutral jeans in taupe, tan, white, or mauve. I don’t mind spending extra money on a good pair of jeans that I can wear with anything. Also step out with the different styles, crop, wide leg, straight leg, or the torn look.

white jeans


Wearing all the same color also can make you look slimmer and taller. If you want to add another color try wearing a jacket, scarf, sweater or Cardigan. The trick to wearing one color from head to toe is playing with different shades and textures.

Image result for wearing all one color


  Sam Edelman Women’s Telsa D’Orsay Pump                Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Heeled Sandal


Do you consider them a neutral?

 Neutrals style jeans    jeans and white shirt

Crystall’s (over 30’s) take on wearing neutrals

Think Pink, blush pastels and neutral colors. This Spring this is The color to add to your everyday wear. It’s subtle yet bold. You can even do two shades together to add some neutral color blocking. I love the idea of keeping it simple and looking polished at the same time. Add some staple pieces like this wrap jacket or a shorter version to layer the look.

Also, keep the nude look with your shoes to really make your outfit come together. For something a little extra, I’ve also added denim to the mix to tie the neutral look together. I love layering this button-up denim shirt with a blush pink or white tee and a cute fitted jacket overtop.

wearing neutrals style

I also Love adding black as the baseline for the other neutral color palette to have its opportunity to shine. But when it comes to comfort, which I think I thrive in that department, I love a stylish hoodie.


I always try to find jackets that can cinch in at the waist to show your waistline.

tan jacket

Lately, I like the shorter cropped hoodie for Casual wear and some joggers. Then if I need to spice up the look I can throw on a fitted pair of grey jeggings and bootie boots and off I go. I’m ready for dinner with some sass. I think feeling confident is really the trick to pulling off an outfit. Never let the outfit wear you (guilty a time or two) I mean who hasn’t been there.

Just remember this Spring look is about you bringing some Life into your style by wearing neutrals and feeling confident.  Have fun with it, trust me it will pay off when you decide to play outside your comfort zone, just remember you know what works best for your body and how you carry your confidence.

Have FUN!

Sherry and Crystall

Over 50 Style Story

over 60 style

I had a great time photographing Cynthia! Here is her “over 50 style story”

Hi! I’m Cynthia and I’m actually 60 something……. OK so I’m on social security. At this point in my life I’m more into “doing” than “having”. By that I mean I workout to stay strong so I am able to do things I love and I am “destuffing” things, including my closet so it takes less time in (what do I wear today).

I stay with neutral hues and splashes of color to enhance. Sometimes I add a fun belt or hat and I love bling! For travel I have found that fashionable athletic outfits are comfortable and give that up to the minute look. If it’s not comfortable and does not do my silhouette justice, (i.e. hide some stuff and accent the positive) then it does not belong in my closet. I do have a small “what if” space reserved for those days I just feel like doing the funky and fun thing.

I had a great time with the photo shoot. I thought I would feel uncomfortable but Sherry made me feel special and made it fun. I hope you like my style choices. Hugs and kisses, Cynthia

Style story



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