When and How To Wear A Jumpsuit


I love jumpsuits! They are not always easy to wear so it’s important to wear a jumpsuit that makes you look and feel good.

Next time you do a date night or go out with your friends step out of your comfort zone and put on a jumpsuit instead of a dress or jeans. Wear it to a wedding or formal occasion, be stylish, and have fun.

Here are some things you might want to know before you buy or step out on the town in your jumpsuit.

Find the perfect fit. If you are tall you probably look good in most styles. If you are shorter try a sold or vertical stripe jumpsuit. Also, add a heel to give you a longer leaner look.

 Stripe Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Main, color, TUSHAR STRIPE LIGHTHOUSE

Define your waist. Wear a gathered waist to avoid the straight-up and-down look. I do like the baggy/loose look but it is best on a tall body type with the right shoes.

Wear it with a jacket or blazer. This is something I know about. Some people have a shoe fetish I have a jacket fetish. So many jumpsuits are short-sleeved or sleeveless, add a jacket to wear year-round, were a blazer to look stylish at work, Wear a jacket and heels to go from a daytime look to date night.

Blazer w/ jumpsuit... | Black jumpsuit outfit, Jumpsuit, Clothes

Add fun accessories to a sold-color jumpsuit. Add a bright handbag to add color to a solid color jumpsuit. Have fun with colorful earrings, sunglasses, try feathers, or another long look. Wear a colorful scarf or a fun pair of shoes.

Buy one that you can dress up or down. If you are only going to buy one jumpsuit make it neutral in color and make sure you love the fit. Go from day to night with just about any jumpsuit by adding a pair of pumps and a stylish jacket.

Shopping tips for buying a jumpsuit

I just bought this Frank Lyman jumpsuit and love it! I will post to Instagram when I wear it.

  • Follow the ideas above
  • Make sure it’s comfortable and easy to get on and off
  • Don’t trip on it
  • Wear the right bra

Most important it must flatter and make you feel fabulous!

Would you wear a jumpsuit? What is your favorite way to wear it? Hashtag your photos to #livelyjoy or share them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/livelyjoy/.

New for Fall Style – Wide Belts, Jumpsuits, and Asymmetric Clothing

2015 fall fashion

Fall fashion 2015 what’s new and interesting? Here’s whats new for fall style, Wide Belts, Jumpsuits, and Asymmetric Clothing. I hate to say it but I remember years ago when I wore all of these. Style always comes back around sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. So I’m going to give you mine and I would love to here yours. So here goes:


They are back! Yes, the wide belts of the 70’s are back!  But don’t go putting a belt around your waist because they are “IN”. I was searching  the internet and saw some woman wearing wide belts that looked like they were playing dress up.


wide woman's belt This is a belt that I have had for maybe 20 years. I never got rid of it because I liked the buckle. It was a little lose, I could have pulled it a little tighter to make my waist look smaller. He He!


fall wide belts

This is a cute way to wear a belt. I like the contrast.

fall wide belts

This is more of a winter look winter, but I think they look stylish and fun! I don’t really think these ladies need to make their waist look smaller.


wide belts with jeans

This is one of my favorite looks! You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a cool belt.

Wide belt over sweater

I am not loving this wide belt look. What do you think?


Jumpsuits are back! I love jumpsuits and I think most people can look good in them no matter what size you are. I’v noticed that most jumpsuits are sleeveless or short sleeves so rock it with a fun jacket for a fall look.


This print is different and slimming it also looks good with the solid color jacket.


This is a sophisticated look and color for fall.


This look can be dressed up as is, or down with a jean jacket. What do you think?

black and white jump suit

I got this jumpsuit at Boston Proper. I love that its black and white and it also has a  chocker neck line but it was not easy getting it on by myself. I hope I don’t have to go to the bathroom.

red jumpsuit

jump suit black

Again jumpsuits can be worn by any size and look fabulous!asymmetric cream jacket

Asymmetrical look

I like the asymmetrical look but in moderation. I think two pieces in the wardrobe is all you will need.

asymmetric cream jacketThe asymmetrical look on this jacket gives it a little more style. I think anyone would stand out wearing this jacket.

  as jacket This gray jacket is perfect with jeans and it might even look good with a wide belt. What do you think?

These three looks are from White House Black Market and Boston Proper. Add a jacket, sweater, or blazer to any of them and you are set for fall.


I would love to here your thoughts on whats new for fall style. What will you be buying?