Be creative and Wear Something Fun This Week

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Do you wear the same safe clothes week after week? I dare you to step out of the box and Wear Something Fun this week! You might have to do a little shopping or maybe you need to dig deeper in your closet. Whatever the case may be, just do it.

I bought a new outfit this week. It was out of my comfort zone but I love it. It says fashion all the way. I got it at ModeAlise. You’ve heard me talk about this amazing boutique before. Sorry, right now it’s just in the Columbus area. They will also be opening a shoe store soon. I love this boutique because the clothes are unique. I don’t fill like I would run into anyone wearing the same outfit (it has happened to me at a wedding). Oh, course I looked better in the dress, Ha Ha! But, really how embarrassing. By the way, I don’t get a commission or get paid in any way, I just love her store.

Wear something fun

I will take more photos of this outfit later and post to Lively Joy Facebook page. My camera is packed away. It is so different and fun!


I wanted to share with you more of Margaret’s style. She is very fashion forward and has great taste. I hope these photos inspire you to wear something fun. Most of the outfits came from ModeAlise


Over 50 fashion

This picture doesn’t do this outfit justice! It looked amazing on. It is kinda like a skirt and pants in one.

This is my favorite! Love Love this dress. I have to find it. Also, Margaret’s shoulders look great in this dress. This one is from Saks.


How stylish are these pants? Don’t forget to check out the shoes, Oh my!


These pants were so fabulous! They were very slimming and wrinkle free, again ModeAlise! What would you do to make this outfit more fun?


Margaret looks great in this blue and black outfit. I like how she tied in the black lace with the black shoes a very slimming look.


I love the little pop of color with this fun black and white dress.


This is 1/2 of Margaret’s closet!

Are you going to Wear Something Fun this week? I would love to see the photos. You can share them on Lively Joys Facebook page.

Dare to be different!











Style Story with A Lover Of Clothes

Style Story with A Lover Of Clothes

I love photographing woman for style stories. Margaret is defiantly a lover of clothes and has a closet full of unique and beautiful pieces. She worked and traveled to many stylish cities all over the world, working and shopping.

When I first got to Margaret’s house she was excited! She had 5 to 6 outfits laid across her bed. They were all very nice but to me a little safe (black, white, and beige). So when she said, take a look in my closet to see if there’s something else you want me to wear, I was excited. WOW, she had some amazing items with color everywhere.

I picked out shirts, jackets, and other pants that didn’t match the tops. Margaret knows what she looks good in and has great taste. She also told me about a boutique that she shops at in Worthington Ohio, called ModeAlise. Very cool store with unique style. I hear they might be starting an online store! I will let you know.

So here are some of the photos from the shoot and a slideshow at Margaret’s house. Make sure you read her style story.

Let me know what you think, have you ever done a style shoot? Are you a lover of clothes?

Style Story over 50


Style Story over 50


Style Story over 50


Style Story over 50


Style Story over 50

1) How would you describe your style?

– Classic/Classy/Age & Body Appropriate but with a little bit of Edge

2) I feel that you have a unique style that is truly you, but also very different. What do you seek to achieve when you dress?

– I look for things that “feel” uniquely mine; something that I can do that will not look like everyone else’s. I truly enjoy fashion and so my goal is to find the style, fabrics, colors that are best for me, my coloring, my size, my shape and help me to feel the way I want to feel.

 I have a love for art and the creative in my heart but my career was “straight business” so my clothing gives me a bit of an “artistic or creative” outlet for expression.

3) How do you go about choosing your clothes and what inspires your outfits?

– First, I NEVER worry about what’s popular or currently on-trend. When I was younger that all mattered. Now, I’m buying pieces that should get me through the next decade or two. They are classic pieces that I should be able to wear.

That said, as much as I like classic, it just has to have more for me. I like pieces that have a classic feel, but I want them to be a stunning color or a  wonderful fabric or have great lines or even an added feature – like lace (which was a big winter/spring feature and still is) or a cool pattern or an interesting hemline, etc.. I don’t like bland and I don’t want to fade away in my outfit. Each piece may only have one or two of those features, but that is quite enough. The goal isn’t to have so much going on that it’s all too busy or just too much. I believe we are supposed to wear the outfit, not the other way around.


4) Do you take things like color profiling or body type into account when you dress?

I absolutely take color and body type into account. In fact, both are my first considerations. I consider my build and height. I’ve got bust and hips and I am height-challenged (short) and also short-waisted. So I look for things that do not emphasize my bust. A good V-neck or something that pulls the eyes to my face or shoulders is much better for me. Also, I like pieces that give a longer elusion and do not specifically define my waist.  I try not to cut myself off at the waist so I don’t tuck in tops. If they should not just hang loose and tucking in needs to happen, I tuck a little in the front and then let it drape out over the side and back hips.

Also, I tend to do heels whether they are stiletto, wedge or block heel. I need height, but I am careful to mix the right heel with the right apparel look so it doesn’t look like my main goal is to look taller. I like the shoe and apparel to blend so that they look like a “total” outfit, not an attempt to look taller.

Lastly, I am conscious of color. I do best with Fall, then Winter then Summer. I’m not a “Spring”, pale-shades person. I do really well with fuchsia but a pale pink is not good on me at all. I can do acid yellow or green, but the paler versions of these colors just “lay” on top of me looking and feeling very separate from me. I like to look like me, my outfit, my shoes, my jewelry…they just all look like they go together.

Overall, I try to focus on what looks good on me…not something that just looks good on the hanger or is on-trend. The clothes are not the story, they are that thing that should highlight or add to the story.

I think it’s a nice compliment when someone tells you that your outfit looks great. It’s even better when they tell you that YOU look great and that gets achieved when you’ve pulled it all together.

5) Would you say you have a signature style?

I’m not sure if I have a signature style. When I look at my closet, the pieces are not very similar. I guess the one thing they have in common is that they are unique pieces and not run-of-the-mill. I don’t want a wild wardrobe, but even less do I want a boring wardrobe.


6) Do you believe in dressing ‘age appropriately’?

I think taking one’s age into consideration is important. But more, I think it’s important to dress effortlessly and in consideration of one’s body. While that may sound different than “age appropriate”, it really isn’t.

Our bodies change as we age – even if we workout religiously, our bodies, our faces, our hair, our skin elasticity all change. In consideration of that, we should adjust how we dress and on what we focus on ourselves and our bodies.  


7) Would you say that at this stage of your life you are now more, or less interested in fashion, style and the way you look?

I have always been interested in fashion, style and the way I look. That said, I would say that I am more conscious now for several reasons:

1. I am retired so I have more time to notice “me” and to focus on “me” and I love that. After 43 years of working, it’s about time!

2. I am older so admittedly, there are more challenges with my body. I have more of those “Where’d that come from?” and “When did that happen?” moments. I’m more honest with myself and thus, I’m willing to recognize what I want to de-emphasize and what I do want to emphasize.

3. That now “extra” time I have has given way to noticing things around me…the colors and patterns and flow of life and I’m more willing to embrace what that means for me. 


8) Do you have any fashion and style tips for women over 50/60?

I think my biggest tip would be “Really get to know yourself and your body”. Some of us are quiet; some are reserved; some are lively, etc. To me, our mode of dressing should be an extension of who we are, not something separate.

In addition, I think without being negatively critical of ourselves, we should each honestly determine what we feel to be our best assets to highlight and what we’d prefer not to highlight. What colors, fabrics, and styles make us come alive and make you walk with a stride that is confident, comfortable and beautiful?

At this point in life, it’s not about making someone else happy with how we look or about feeling we “must” dress on what’s the biggest trend. It’s about each of us being uniquely ourselves. Recognize that at 50 or 60 or at 67 like me, it’s not about trying to hide our age, it’s about determining what brings out the best in us and going for it.


9) What did you learn from the style photo shoot?

So, this might get a little emotional for me. The last 15 years of my career required a great deal of me. A high-stress job with long hours and immense responsibility. I was easily a “go-to” person when big things needed doing and I was kind of a workhorse. A few months after my retirement, my husband had a debilitating stroke that left him partially paralyzed and requiring my care 24 hours a day for 3 years. Due to both of these, I stopped feeling like or thinking of myself as a “girl” or even “feminine”. I didn’t realize these changes had occurred because as always, I was simply doing what needed doing and doing so with gusto, purpose, and determination.

During the style photo shoot and seeing the photos afterward, I remembered that I am still “that girl” and that I am “feminine” and that it felt good to know that those attributes bundled with still being a strong woman who can make things happen – is a great package. That realization is a great gift to me especially at this juncture of my life.


10) What did you learn from looking at your photos of the style shoot? 

I learned that I can wear the color “white” without looking or feeling like a beached whale. I think many of us shy away from that color, but I felt fresh and energetic in it and felt good when I saw it.

I learned that my style of dressing works for me. I’m never going to be that tall, lean model type, but I’m really happy with what I am (without naming it) and feel like either it’s gotten better with aging or I’ve just gotten happier and more confident with who/what I am over time.

Lastly, while I have lost 35 pounds, I determined I want to lose another 8-10 pounds. I know that this is not the anticipated “learning” from the shoot, but I realized that I am still a “meaty” girl (some of it in the right places) and I’d like to downsize that still a bit.

 Bottomline…I just feel GREAT!


Margaret in a beautiful person inside and out! I am looking forward to our next shoot. Check back to see what we put together.

Are you a lover of clothes? Please leave a commit below or visit our facebook page at Thanks for reading!


Super Cool Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers

Super Cool Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers

These Unique Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers have great reviews and I would love to have all of them!

I just took a yoga class and when I was walking out there was a photographer taking Santa photos. I always check out what other photographers are using. So down I went to check things out. There were two white diffusers on top of her speed lights.  Of course, I had to ask “are those Magnet Mod”? Yes, they were! I have been looking at them for 3 weeks now and have sent the company messages on Facebook to see if they were going to have any specials before Christmas. They said they did not think so. Should I buy them anyway?

After talking to this photographer and seeing how easy it was to put the diffusers and color gels on and off the camera, I am sold. Make sure you check them out below.

Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers

  • Compact TRRS cardioid microphone designed for iOS devices and smartphones
  • High-quality directional microphone that connects directly to the iPhone TRRS microphone/headphone socket
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • Except for iPhone 7.

Find the Rode mic here

Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers

  • Soft, Diffused Light, Universal Fit
  • Efficient Diffusion, Instant Attachment
  • Modular Design, Beautifully Simple, Integrated Gel Slot
  • *A MagGrip is required to use with your flash*

I love these! Check out Magnet mod products here


Lenes for i phone

  • All three lenses: wide, macro and fisheye
  • Wide: a 100-degree field of view that captures in what’s right in front of you and to the sides
  • Fisheye: 180 hemispherical view takes truly well-rounded photos

Learn more about the Photojojo Iris Lens

tripod with trigger release Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers


  • EASY TO USE & WELL-DESIGNED. This extremely convenient mini tripod is compatible with small digital cameras, webcams, GoPro devices, mount adapters (1 included), various smartphones, and other imaging devices.
  • CAPTURE SPECIAL MOMENTS WHEREVER YOU ARE – Its innovative rubber foam leg design allows you to securely stand it on a flat surface or wrap it around door knobs, lamps, railings, posts, chairs, tree branches, benches – unconventional positions – to suit almost any location because of its durability.
  • ADVANTAGES OVER OTHER BRANDS – Bluetooth Remote Shutter – perfect for taking selfies and pictures at a distance (up to 30 ft.). Smartphone Mount (vertical/horizontal usage) with jaws clamp to keep your phone safe and secure. Rotating Mini Ball Head to capture multiple angles.

Tripod with trigger release


Continuous 600 Lumen LED Light Set for Table Top Studio Portable Lighting Kit with Gel Filters, AGG1501

Continuous 600 Lumen LED Light Set for Table Top Studio Portable Lighting Kit with Gel Filters

  • 2) x High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stand
  • (2) x Red Color Gel Filter for LED Light
  • (2) x Blue Color Gel Filter for LED Light

What do you think about these cool Gifts For Photographers and Bloggers? Do you have any to share with us?

Bloggers, What You Need To Know About Taking Lifestyle Photos

Taking Lifestyle Photos

Do you want a different twist on taking lifestyle photos? Rather you are taking photos yourself or having someone else take them, I hope you find these tips on taking lifestyle photos helpful.

Don’t be afraid to take more photos than you need, just delete the ones you don’t want.

Tell a story

What do you want your readers to know about you? Let your personality shine through, are you quite, funny, or maybe business like? Capture the little details and Shoot from all angles.

Never leave home without a camera or cell phone. Take photos of what you do during the day. Examples would be, working out of a coffee shop or park, riding your bike or running in the park (of course someone else will have to take these) your readers want to know what their favorite blogger is doing and of course, it depends on what kind of blog you have. If you are a style blogger you might want to show what you wear while working, going out on the town, or maybe shopping. If you are a DIY blogger take photos of you making a popular craft. I think you get it!

Headshot for bloggers blurred background
What does this image say about her?


food blogger
What kind of blogger do you think she is?


Leave empty space

You never know when you might want to add another photo or words so leave some space. Look up and down, point up and down.  Try to use a solid background rather inside or outside.

amazing Lifestyle Photos

amazing Lifestyle Photos


Don’t always pose for the photo

Get caught in the moment. Compare these two photos below. Oh, ya did I tell you I like to use actions, overlays, and be creative. I’ll cover that another time.

Mopping floors

mopping floors
This is how I mop my floors!


Hook up with other photographers

Some of my best shots are when I went on shoots with other photographers. You can learn so much from each other. Sometimes we bring in a makeup artist and models. We end up paying $35 and get hundreds of amazing images. You can find photographers on or check with your local camera store.

Here are a few photos that I shot with a group of photographers. The first and last one were models. The middle one is a friend.

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle Photo

Let me know your secrets for taking lifestyle photos. Do you do think about any of the above while shooting?

Headshot Photography Tips For Bloggers

Headshot Photography Tips For Bloggers

I know many of you have a boyfriend or a friend that does your fashion/outfit photos. Is that good enough? Check out these Headshot Photography Tips.

I would say if you want to make the big money you need a professional to do the job but the problem is it cost money and I have seen many I phone photos that rock!

I have worked as a photographer for 12 years and have photographed hundreds of models. Models and blogger are not that different in fact they both just want to look good while posing in an outfit, drinking coffee, or cooking. Whatever it is they do.

Rather you are going to hire someone or have a friend take your photos, here are some things to think about.

 Have a headshot they will remember. A great headshot says Everything! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t have a lot of clutter in the background unless it’s blurred out.
  • Stand out, do something different like a really close up shot, take it off center, show your personality.
  • You don’t always have to smile or you don’t always need to look into the camera. If you do look into the camera make sure the eyes are in focus.
  • Practice in the mirror, what side and expression do you what others to see.
  • Lighting is critical. You need to light the eyes and watch for contrasty shadows, use something to defuse the light. To see the difference check out this photoshoot
  • Play around with your lenses. I shoot with many different lenses but for a close up my favorite is a prime lens, 85mm f1.8. Read more about that here

Here are some headshot photos from my  portfolio:


Headshot Photography Tips For Bloggers


 Headshot Photography Tips

 Headshot Photography Tips


 Headshot Photography Tips


 Headshot Photography Tips


 Headshot Photography Tips


 Headshot Photography Tips


 Headshot Photography Tips


Headshots for bloggers


headshots for bloggers


 Headshot Photography Tips


Good luck with your headshots!  I hope these Headshot Photography Tips have helped you. Sign up for my blog and follow me on facebook for more photography tips.