Winter Looks That Everyone Can Wear!

Winter Looks That Everyone Can Wear!

I love fall fashion but this year we are going into the cold weather fast. So I want to share some winter looks that everyone can wear! The first three are from Sundance. I love their winter style. They have great coats and winter accessories. I like to wear color to brighten up the cold winter days.

What’s new for this winter? Coats that make a statement as well as faux fur, knee high and over the knee boots, oversize tops with jeans or leggings (make sure to cover the backside), and booties with a sweater dress.

From Sundance

I love this coat and the colorful hat and scarf. I think it might look good with a bright yellow top or a solid color scarf. What do you think?


From Sundance

Wear this and I bet you would get lots of compliments. It is fun and beautiful!


From Sundance

I love everything here, the leg warmers with the booties the jacket, the turtleneck, and the hat. I want it all. Even the background.



This is a great classic outfit. You can’t go wrong with an oversized top and boots.


How about a poncho and boots?


Another oversized top and jeans a winter look that everyone can wear and look good in!


I had to put this one in. What a great top! It will keep you warm and look stylish at the same time.

Do you have winter looks that everyone can wear? Would you wear any of the fashion above? I would wear all of them.

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Stay warm,

Wear Neutrals and Stand Out

Want to know how to wear neutrals and stand out?

You don’t have to reach for a color to make a style statement. Warmer weather neutrals like tan, cream, blush and white are easy to wear. Here you will see what Crystall (over 30’s look) and Me, Sherry (over 50’s look) would wear. We will also include neutrals with jeans.

My (over 50’s) take on wearing neutrals


I love the all white look even though I also love lots of colors. The bright monochrome look can be a bit intimidating, so if you’re not ready to wear all white add some neutral colors with it like tan and cream. I also like this look with a jean jacket. If you feel like it’s just not enough add some accessorize, (shoes, handbags, or jewelry) with fun embellishments like feathers, beads, or print.


Blush is “in” this year! You can add this color with shoes, a skirt, pants, a bag and mix it with denim or white. Don’t forget to add other light hues like blue, greens, Carmel, and tans.

Wear Neutrals Wear Neutrals pink topWear Neutrals


Try a pair of neutral jeans in taupe, tan, white, or mauve. I don’t mind spending extra money on a good pair of jeans that I can wear with anything. Also step out with the different styles, crop, wide leg, straight leg, or the torn look.

white jeans


Wearing all the same color also can make you look slimmer and taller. If you want to add another color try wearing a jacket, scarf, sweater or Cardigan. The trick to wearing one color from head to toe is playing with different shades and textures.

Image result for wearing all one color


  Sam Edelman Women’s Telsa D’Orsay Pump                Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Heeled Sandal


Do you consider them a neutral?

 Neutrals style jeans    jeans and white shirt

Crystall’s (over 30’s) take on wearing neutrals

Think Pink, blush pastels and neutral colors. This Spring this is The color to add to your everyday wear. It’s subtle yet bold. You can even do two shades together to add some neutral color blocking. I love the idea of keeping it simple and looking polished at the same time. Add some staple pieces like this wrap jacket or a shorter version to layer the look.

Also, keep the nude look with your shoes to really make your outfit come together. For something a little extra, I’ve also added denim to the mix to tie the neutral look together. I love layering this button-up denim shirt with a blush pink or white tee and a cute fitted jacket overtop.

wearing neutrals style

I also Love adding black as the baseline for the other neutral color palette to have its opportunity to shine. But when it comes to comfort, which I think I thrive in that department, I love a stylish hoodie.


I always try to find jackets that can cinch in at the waist to show your waistline.

tan jacket

Lately, I like the shorter cropped hoodie for Casual wear and some joggers. Then if I need to spice up the look I can throw on a fitted pair of grey jeggings and bootie boots and off I go. I’m ready for dinner with some sass. I think feeling confident is really the trick to pulling off an outfit. Never let the outfit wear you (guilty a time or two) I mean who hasn’t been there.

Just remember this Spring look is about you bringing some Life into your style by wearing neutrals and feeling confident.  Have fun with it, trust me it will pay off when you decide to play outside your comfort zone, just remember you know what works best for your body and how you carry your confidence.

Have FUN!

Sherry and Crystall

Winter Attire… Make It POP!

red hat

There’s nothing worse than blending in with the elements, especially in winter. I like to contrast “Winter Attire… Make It POP” with the weather and this really works in the snow, rain and dreary snow-filled days.

So I challenge you all to try adding fun pieces with bright colors to your everyday winter fashion. Here are a few things I do and you might want to try. I hope I can inspire you to try something new. It’s a great way to brighten up your mood on the inside and reflect it on the outside.

Colorful hat

Winter Attire
Winter Attire Make it POP


Wear a Hat!

I look for fun beanies that come in every color of the rainbow. Red, coral, yellow, you name it. Mix in jewelry to accent with your hat so you can continue to wear it indoors as well. My go-to rule is if the hat is one color with no patterns then add a scarf that has texture. You want the color to be bright but not too busy. So I keep it to one accessory that may have a texture or pattern. Everything else is color coordinated. Don’t be scared to take risks. Why not try, you may just surprise yourself and find your newest trend. Check out Julie’s style story for more cute hats.

I also like to wear really cute gloves, that catch the eye. This is for two reasons, one it’s C O L D out there, and two my hands get really dry in this weather and since I can’t show off that cute new nail polish, I show off my style gloves.


Colorfull gloves

Find a pair of cool gloves!

Leather gloves are my fave, they just give the vibe sophistication and elegance in my opinion. I like cute buttons or ruffles that add accents. Also color color color! Pick something that pops, oh and make sure they have the touch sensor fingertips, so you don’t have to take them off every time you need to use your phone. But I’m sure you’ve already been there and learned that. Haha

I also like to wear really cute gloves, that catch the eye. This is for two reasons, one it’s C O L D out there, and two my hands get really dry in this weather and since I can’t show off that cute new nail polish, I show off my style gloves.

I’m also obsessed with driver leather gloves right now. It just makes me feel sexier when my entire body is completely covered head to toe. The driver gloves are classic and classy. Also, wrist warmers are huge right now, this is a cute look that allows you to show off that great polish. Plus they come in the knitted texture look with so many different patterns and colors.



Get a pair of fun sunglasses!

Another fun way to liven up your winter ensemble is a cool funky pair of sunglasses. I wear sunglasses year-round, the snow can be blinding, plus some shades will add a filter to that sunless day. Also, I would recommend buying cheap sunglasses, styles change so often and let’s face it they get lost and broke way too easy.

So get out there and try your hand at going from black and white to some colorful snow-filled days. Lift your mood with your fashion, it’s a shift in perspective that can make all the difference in what would be just another average winter day.

Stay Warm,


What’s New This Year – Decor, Fashion, and Things you need to know

What's New This Year

I am always interested in What’s New This Year, so I thought I would share some things with you. Can you believe how fast things change? This is good for me because I get bored easily and for that same reason this is going to be the new format for Lively Joy. I will be blogging about more subjects, you can read what you want and pass on what you don’t want to read. I hope everything is so interesting that you won’t pass on anything.  I will still post more about fashion and style and will be incorporating a lot more video and photos. Please commit below and let me know what you think and what you would like to read or watch.

So, what’s new this year? New in Home Decor?

Judging by trending searches there are lots of interesting changes that are going to be big this year.

Whats new this year in decor
Elle Decor

In home decorating, there are quite a few new trends. According to Elle, Statement ceilings are going to be big, from color to patterns. I really like this one if not overdone.  Mixing metals is big this year (I have been seeing lots of gold) if you want to see more check out one of my favorite decorating stores, Z gallery. what do you think about this trend mixing metals? Others trends are wall art, pattern plants, and spa-inspired bathrooms. I am excited about this one because I will be remolding two bathrooms this year (keep an eye out for that post). To read more go to  THE TOP 6 HOME DECOR TRENDS OF 2018, ACCORDING TO PINTEREST. 

What’s new this year in Fashion?

Whats new this year in color

PANTONE® Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018 features the top 12 colors for men’s and women’s fashion. According to PANTONE, In another first, the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend report spotlights four classic colors, a family of color that transcends the seasons and provides structure to any wardrobe.

According to Harpers Bazaar, these are the trends this year and I love them all! Even though I am an over 50 fashionista I would wear all of these trends. So fun and unique.


whats new this year in fashion

Art infused prints will be big. They stand out and I would wear an art printed jacket with solid top and pants. Dark denim is on for this year. I like this trend because it is a slimming color however, I will still be wearing my light colors as well. Pink and lavender are the colors for spring and I love them! Two of my favorites from Harpers Bazaar post are plastics and work it out. The plastics I liked the best are the jackets (no surprise because I have a jacket addiction). I so want one! The workout wear this year are more like streetwear, I am getting a little tired of seeing everyone in leggins and spandex, even though I am still wearing them(:  A couple of the trends that I might not participate in as much are plaids and what they call The Virgin Suicides“.  You will have to check them out for yourself. The last but not least one is the New trench! They are all different with feathers, sheer fabrics and unique styles, I will be on the lookout for one of these. What do you think about this year fashion? What are you going to be on the lookout for?

What’s else is new? Early check-in for car rentals.

Early check-in car rental

At least for me, this was new. If you don’t know about this you are missing out. I traveled this past Holiday which is always busy. Before I left one of my clients asked me if I checked in early for my rental car. I had never heard of that! So I got on my PC to check it out. OMG, what a time saver! You can pick out your car at home, fill out the paperwork and make a payment. No need to talk to anyone.

When you get to the airport bypass the kiosk and the counter, go straight to where the cars are located and pick the car in your category. So easy. We used Alamo, they took our paperwork and showed us the choices, the guy even gave us a free upgrade without any additional paperwork, he said he was feeling good that day. Next time you travel check out this great service (most car rental companies are offering it now) and let me know what you think.

I hope you have learned something new in this post and like my new blog format. Please share your What’s New This Year.








Dare To Wear Different and Tips On How To

Dare to wear different

Dare To Wear Different! Do you wear the same outfits often? Do you have clothes that you love but don’t wear because they are out of your comfort zone? You are not the only one. Most of us at one time or another buy clothes we like and then don’t wear them because they are different or out of our comfort zone. Well, why did we buy them???

You probably don’t even have to go out shopping, just look in your closet. I have two maxi dresses that I bought last year. I have never worn either. I have tried them on several times and just don’t fill right in them. It’s because I haven’t worn a maxi before (yeah I know… What!!!). So, I guess I have to practice what I preach and Dare To Wear Different.

I will have to say, I did buy two new outfits that were out of my comfort zone. One is the jumpsuit below. I found it at a little boutique in Worthington Ohio, ModeAlise. A friend of mine told me about this very cool boutique, I’m in love! I have decided that I’m not going to shop as much but when I do I will buy something special – something fun.

one piece pants

“Daring to wear something different takes effort.” – Miuccia Prada

I love the big oversized pockets in this jumpsuit. Also, it’s loose so if I’m having a bloated kinda day it hides a lot.


I like the pop of color on the back. What color of bag would you carry?

Tips for “Dare To Wear Different”

Start in your closet

Look for pieces you can put together that you haven’t worn together, yet. Look on Pinterest or other style blogs to get inspiration, find something close put it on, and take photos.

Get a few key garments

Buy or look in your closet, for one pair of fun pants. Then try on sweaters, blouses, jacket, dresses, what ever you have and take more photos. Share them on our Facebook page.

Take one step at a time

Don’t try to change everything at once. Start with one thing that’s different for you and maybe later add something else. For example, start with that fun pair of pants and later add a cool hat.


  • Go for dramatic proportions, mix long and short.
  • Wear boots a new way, maybe booties with a dress, or over the knee boots.
  • Wear a hat, big or small, sporty or not.
  • Wear a color you don’t ever wear. Mine would be red, not sure why.
  • Try a new trend.
  • Wear statement accessories.

Remember out of your comfort zone might be totally in someone else’s zone. Most people will not notice that you are wearing something different. They will just notice how stylish you are. Make sure you feel good in whatever it is you wear, stand up tall and show them you have style! When I put the jumpsuit on I was OK, I like it, I feel good in it, now where do I wear it?

I have worn it two times already!!!