Over 50 Style Story

I had a great time photographing Cynthia! Here is her “over 50 style story”

Hi! I’m Cynthia and I’m actually 60 something……. OK so I’m on social security. At this point in my life I’m more into “doing” than “having”. By that I mean I workout to stay strong so I am able to do things I love and I am “destuffing” things, including my closet so it takes less time in (what do I wear today).

I stay with neutral hues and splashes of color to enhance. Sometimes I add a fun belt or hat and I love bling! For travel I have found that fashionable athletic outfits are comfortable and give that up to the minute look. If it’s not comfortable and does not do my silhouette justice, (i.e. hide some stuff and accent the positive) then it does not belong in my closet. I do have a small “what if” space reserved for those days I just feel like doing the funky and fun thing.

I had a great time with the photo shoot. I thought I would feel uncomfortable but Sherry made me feel special and made it fun. I hope you like my style choices. Hugs and kisses, Cynthia

Style story



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