Creative and Fun “Style Story” with Julie

When I first saw Julie walk into the gym from work, I knew I had to do a creative and Fun “Style Story” with her.  She rocked her outfit! Her style is creative and fun, not something I would wear but, I loved it!

Julies favorite place to shop is Anthropologie. A shop that I would stick my head in and walk back out. Now, after seeing some of Julie’s outfits maybe I will spend a little more time in there. She is creative and makes some of her clothes as well as some of the embellishments on her clothes to add “her style” to things she buys.


Jean jacket cat shirt and scarf

Jean jacket cat shirt and scarf

I love this shirt with cat faces on it. If I saw it in a store I wouldn’t have looked twice at it, but, now that I see how cute it is on Julie, I would buy it.

Skirt from Anthropologie and crocheted flowers

Skirt from Anthropologie and crocheted flowers

Julie said when she bought this skirt her husband said, “it looks like a blanket”. I told her I thought it looked like drapes. I would never wear anything like that but, again Julie rocked it! She also crocheted the flowers on her shirt. Julie is truly a “Fashionista”! Oh ya, and WOW does she look great in that outfit!

 crocheted flowers on shirt

Skirt from Anthropologie

A couple of close-ups to show you the pattern and the crochet flowers.

Jean jacket with dress and belt

Jean jacket, hat, with dress and belt

This is another great look. I think jean jackets can be worn with  just about anything. What do you think?

Thank you, Julie, for inspiring me to want to “step out of the box”.

What do you think about Julie’s creative and fun “Style Story”? If you live in the area and what to have some fun, I would love to do a style story with you.

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7 Replies to “Creative and Fun “Style Story” with Julie”

  1. Julie is eclectic! Being an anthropologist I grew up, academically at least, surrounded by individually expressive styles. I love the confidence, the secret, to carrying off your own look!

  2. She looks lovely! Anthropologie aims for the mid 30s market and around that age group, and I think it can easily go bad. But her styling is right on the money.

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